Black Pepper

Product Identification:

Product Identification: BLACK PEPPER
Quality/ Grade: 550G/L
Product code: BP-D50-MV19
Origin: Madagascar (AMBANJA) / REGION DIANA

Specification: “GRADE 1”

  1. Product name: Black Pepper
  2. Origin: Madagascar
  3. Humidity: 12%
  4. Density: 550g/L
  5. Foreign material: 0.06
  6. Essence Oil: 1.8%(m/m) min
  7. Mold: 0.001%
  8. Crop: September 2019
  9. Packing: 50Kg PP Bag
  10. In 20  » container: 15MT
  11. Self-life: 2Years
Essential Oils1.8% (m/m) min.
Foreign materials0.062%
Humiditymin. 10.5% – max. 12.0%
Total Ash6
Density500g/l min.- 630g/l max
Healthy product from plantations only biological, with no toxic elements such as: arsenic, lead, cadmium, pesticides hexachlorocyclohexane Gamma-isomer, aldrin, metaphosphate, no bacteria, no bacteria of colon bacillus group, no pathogenic microorganisms including type of bacterium Salmonella, Clostridia and no reductive sulphites.

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